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Pests are harmful to human health, ecology, and the economy as a whole. Termites, cockroaches, rats, and other insects not only damage your household equipment and personal belongings but they bring different types of fatal diseases with them that is really a worrying sign.

Pest control requires a lot of work and resources, therefore, it is not a do it yourself kind of job. You must involve experts in order to rid your house of these nasty creatures.

Let us take a look why rodent or pest infestation inspection is so important
  • According to a consumer survey, every year in India termites cause damages worth millions of rupees. It is a sort of damage you can’t cover with insurance, and the result is you have to bear a huge monitory loss.
  • Pests can transmit deadly diseases. They carry germs and bacteria with them that could cause severe ailments, and if you have new-born babies & kids in your house, you should give prime importance in keeping pests away.
  • Pests can have an impact on agricultural production and resources. Rodents consume 15% of India’s food supply every year. That’s why it is essential to eliminate these unwanted intruders as early as possible.
  • If you are involved with a food Industry, you should take zero tolerance policy on the presence of pests in your entire restaurant. A single sight of cockroach in your restaurant will not only ruin your hard-earn reputation, but your license could also get cancelled.

The value of engaging a licensed company that provides reliable and effective residential pest control services in Kolkata is priceless. You will enjoy the peace of mind that your pest problem is taken care by a group of pest control experts.

What We Do

General Pest Management Service

This service is mainly provided when there is infestation of more than one pest (Excluding Termites) in a single premises/ offices/ In etc.

Cockroach Management Service

Cockroaches are most common crawling house hold pest found in India. Not only have they contaminated food and utensils resulting in spreading disease like diarrhea, dysentery, food poisonings and asthma. They also have a nuisance value.

Anti Termite Treatment

Termites belong to the group of insects called Isoptera. This term is Latin and refers to the fact that termites have 2 sets of wings that look very much ,ilike.

Bed Bug Management Service

We offer comprehensive bed bug inspections by trained inspectors to identify if you suffer from bed bugs, and we offer bed bug treatments with Environ-Mentality.

Mosquito Management Service

Mosquito adults are small flying insects pose major threat to mankind due to their active participation in transmitting vector borne diseases.

Rodent Management Service

Mice and Bandicoots. Rodent are most common urban pest which invades our homes, transmitdiseases, destroy and feeds on our food, damages our personal belonging, it has an habit of gnawing .

Prophylactic Treatment

Fly Treatment

Snake control

Steri fume treatment


Wood Borer Treatment

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